My Way of Working

Your personal interests are the focus of my activities as a lawyer. A legal consultation must be solely orientated to your economic benefit. My goal is your success. This requires optimal legal precision, efficiency and reliability. You set yourself high standards of performance and can expect those same high standards from your consultation with me.

OfficeThe development of optimal solutions often requires the cooperation of experts of different disciplines: tax advisers, public accountants and other specialists. In international matters, the consultation of experts from the respective country is usually required. Because of my long experience in internationally orientated law firms and firms of tax counsellors I have excellent contacts to legal and tax experts in Germany and abroad. Therefore I can arrange for a team individually shaped to your specific needs and for that a quick, competent and efficient consultation is guaranteed.

My Concept of Personal Consultation

If you have already worked with big law firms, this problem will sound familiar to you: Your attempt to call your lawyer leads you from the switchboard to a secretary to an office junior, who cannot remember you and has no knowledge of your case. When you then receive the bill you cannot help feeling that a good part of the invoiced time was wasted looking for your file - and that at hourly rates of € 400 and more. That is why many law firms can afford to employ a large staff and have generously furnished offices in the best locations.

That is not the way I work. My concept is to offer you, the client, a personal, direct and cost efficient consultation. You can always reach me - even after regular business hours and on the weekend. You can reach me directly, without the interposition of a secretary. I dispense with a luxurious office and - as far as possible - with employees. And provided your address is in Munich or close by, I will come to you: Most of my clients consider their time too precious to be wasted in the city traffic or looking for a parking space. They appreciate their attorney coming to their office or home. Rendering advice directly at the client's office has the additional advantage that all necessary documents are usually at hand. Thus, a lot of time and consequently money can be saved.

The savings derived from the minimization of overhead costs are passed on to my clients: My fees, which are calculated on an hourly rate, are considerably lower than the average fees of the big law firms for lawyers with comparable qualifications.

My office is equipped with the latest means of communication and data processing. My clients can reach me by phone (also via mobile phone), by fax and email. It is obviously of great importance to protect my electronically stored data against access by third parties, therefore, my internet- and email-functions run on a computer, which is physically separated from the rest of my EDP-system. Thus, the penetration in my database via Internet is impossible. Also, the risk of the loss of data caused by computer virus has been reduced to a minimum by such separation.

As an attorney for commercial law, I am competent to render advice in nearly all legal matters that occur in connection with the establishment, running and sale of a business. It is my principle to restrict myself to legal subjects, on which I have experience and specialist skills. In other cases, I will be glad to recommend one of my colleagues with the specific knowledge and qualification for your particular problem.